Land Management Services


Hardwood forests can be managed profitably. For private landowners, the highest value comes from large, high-quality trees of desirable species.  Well planned regeneration practices are needed to maintain long-term timber values.  We are BMP Certified (Best Management Practices) and offer written harvesting plans.  Our personal service and year round management gives our clients the peace of mind that they are getting the most out of their land while also preserving its value.Harvests should be planned to protect the environment and future timer values.  Because tree quality is the key to hardwood timber value, careless or unplanned tree cutting can damage timber and seriously reduce profits. In addition to BMP Certified we are Texas and Arkansas Pro Logger Certified and handle SMZ Zones (Streamside Management Zones).

  • Written harvesting plans
  • BMP Certified (Best Management Practices)
  • Arkansas and Texas Pro Logger Certified
  • Year round professional service
  • Free quotes, evaluations, suggestions and ideas


Timber is a crop and with proper managemnt and care it can be harvested without the mess and destruction usually associated with logging.  We are fast, clean and efficient utilizing most all of the marketable timber resources.  Our Targeted Timber Thinning™ focuses on keeping the best trees growing while harvesting and marketing the unhealthy, undesirable, under-performing, over-mature, and dead timber.  Each tract of timber is different and may require a unique approach and plan to increase productivity and income while maintaining the look and overall beauty of the property.  We can create a plan that involves rotational select timber thinning every 5-7 years.  Timbertex has access to the markets and knowledge to improve your property value and profit potential.

  • Replanting seedlings or container trees
  • Drainage and erosion control
  • Reforestation services and plans
  • Logging site prep/ Mechanical site prep
  • Environmentally designed planned harvest
  • Preplan loading locations, roads and trails
  • Protect owners fences, livestock, and personal property
  • Brush, limb and debris disposal, general land clearing
  • Chemical weed control application
  • Mapping and digitized aerial imagery


Here at Timbertex we have the heavy equipment and manpower to keep your property in premium condition adding both current functionality and long-term value to your property.  Our 25 years of experience enables us to understand how to properly maintain timberland and investment property.  We also maintain properties and leases for tower companies and currently have over 360 sites across four states.  We build pads, rock compounds and roads for tower sites. We also provide tree maintenance/removal and weed control.