Timber and Land Purchasing


We specialize in Targeted Timber Thinning™ which combines selective timber harvesting with professional land management. Our harvesting plans and ideas offers the most productive, beneficial, and appealing properties in the area. Our work focuses on future timber production and wildlife while promoting aesthetic beauty for increased property value and scenic desirability.  Timbertex can identify and professionally select and remove the timber with minimum damage to the remaining trees.  We offer the cleanest and most desirable logging experience in the area. Check out some of our work on our project page.

  • Selectively harvest dead, dying, diseased, or damaged timber
  • Pine plantations
  • Hardwood and sweetgum selection
  • Dense brush removal
  • Promote new growth
  • Improved beauty
  • Promote better quality timber
  • Increased property value
  • Undamaged remaining stands
  • Minimal logging debris
  • Conservative timber selection
  • Cleanest sites


Trust your valued timber and property to Timbertex. Timbertex offers simple to read Timber contracts.  We buy pine and hardwood timber, including sweetgum. We have the most productive and competitive markets in the area and our timber prices reflect our commitment to be the leader in the timber business.  Environmentally friendly designed harvest provides the client with the peace of mind that their land is being taken care of.  Our eco-friendly logging is fast, efficient and clean which allows the client to capitalize on current timber prices without having to wait around while prices drop.  Get a free quote by contacting Jared or Billy.

  • Free timber cruise
  • Simple contracts
  • Highest prices paid per ton
  • Upfront purchasing for all timber is available
  • 25 years of logging experience
  • Strong markets on all timber products
  • BMP and Pro-logger certified
  • Cleanest logging sites, less mess
  • Brush and limb piling
  • Tree marking